Elections - Officers and Building Representatives

Section 1 The President, with the approval of the Executive Board, shall appoint an election committee, consisting of at least three (3) members.
Section 2 Each executive officer nominee must be a member in good standing, have been a building rep for at least one school year (September - June) and give their consent to appear on the ballot.
Section 3 The officers shall include candidates for the office of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and WEA-Riverside Representatives, who will also serve as WEA-RA Representatives.
Section 4 The election shall be by secret ballot, observing the one person, one vote principle.
Section 5 The President and Treasurer shall be elected in the spring. Elections will take place in even numbered years and shall serve a (2) two-year term.
Section 6 The Vice President and the Secretary shall be elected in the spring. Elections will take place in odd-numbered years and shall serve a two (2) year term.
Section 7 To be elected, a candidate must receive a majority of the votes cast. In the event of a plurality or a tie, the Executive Board shall hold a run-off election within fifteen (15) days between the two (2) candidates receiving the most votes.
Section 8 In the event a board member resigns, they will not be eligible to run for another board position for (1) one full year.
Section 9 Election of Building Reps:
a. Elections for Building Reps will take place in September at each building and be effective through the school year.
b. Each building is entitled to two (2) building reps, one must be clerical/technical, and one must be a para-educator. There may be no more than two (2) building reps per building. The exception is JPC/Facilities. These locations include members assigned to JPC, Warehouse, Maintenance, Transportation, JPCC, and Propstra. This group will be allowed two (2) clerical/technical reps.
c. In the event of a building rep vacancy, a new election will take place at that location within thirty (30) calendar days of the vacancy.

Section 1 The officers shall consist of the following: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Section 2 The term of office for the officers shall be as established in the Bylaws.
Section 3 In the event of vacancy of the office of President, the Vice President shall become President for the balance of the term.
Section 4 In the event a vacancy occurs among the remaining elected officers, a special election shall be held within 30 days of the vacancy (or within 30 days after the opening of school, if the vacancy occurs during the summer) if more than six (6) months remain in the unexpired term. If less than six (6) months remain in the unexpired term, Presidential appointment and Executive Board confirmation shall fill the vacancy for remainder of the term.
Section 5 No person will hold more than one (1) elected board position.
Section 6 The duties of the officers shall be as provided in the Bylaws.
Section 7 An elected officer may be removed from office for cause by a recall election, which may be initiated by the Executive Board or the general membership in one of the following manners:
a. The Executive Board may request a recall election after a three-fourths (3/4) majority vote of its members, or
b. The general membership may request a recall election by petition containing signatures of thirty percent (30%) of the active members of the Association.
The Executive Board shall notify in writing any officer who has been recommended for recall. A general membership meeting will be scheduled for the recall election within thirty (30) days after receipt of the Executive Board's recall motion or the membership recall petition. This election shall be determined by a majority of those casting valid ballots.

The membership and fiscal year are defined as August 1st - July 31st

2022-23 Elections Committee:   Linda Dyer and Sandra Marsh



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